Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Hey everybody!
It's your friendly neighborhood  fitness friend with some tips and tricks of the trade. There are so many magazine and internet articles and testimonies out there giving different information. So many before and after pictures with miracle products and machines and people in good lighting and OH WOW WHAT TO BELIEVE?!?!

You can look at all the magazines with work out moves you want, google all the diets in the world and still not be truly healthy and fit. Because these moves and diets do not teach you how to live a healthy lifestyle, only how to do a leg lift or a!

But here's the basis for a healthy lifestyle:
~ Take your steps towards success day by day, measuring each day as an opportunity to reach your goal. Then at the end of the week, evaluate yourself and your progress.
~ Push yourself when you exercise, you can get nowhere by staying in your comfort zone. Once you leave your comfort zone, getting out of it again will be easier and more fun. Remember: your goals are probably not in your comfort zone-you have to push yourself-it's gonna suck at first but you can do it!
~Exercise! Every day! Cardio to get your heart beating (this burns fat) and strength building to tone and build/shape your muscles (the building of muscle also revs up your fat loss, and helps your cardio become more effective).
                    -Examples of cardio: running, swimming, power walking, dancing, biking, jump rope, boxing, trampolines, jumping jacks, elliptical machines, etc.
                    -Examples of strength building: weight training, the repetition machines at gyms, lunges, push-ups, yoga (this is a lot of stretching too), pilates, most floor exercises, pull-up bars, resistance bands, squats etc.
~Eat every 2-3 hours, something around 300-400 calories. A lot of what everyone should eat is vegetables, dark green and crunchy and raw and lovely. These magical foods are full of fiber and can fill you up. Supplementing vegetables with a lean protein like chicken, fish or legumes is important in keeping full and your muscles strong. Fruits are good once or twice a day but are high in carbs and sugar as well as calories. Eating every 2-3 hours keeps your metabolism speedy and your energy level high.

And THOSE are the secrets of a healthy lifestyle. There are 4, with 2 subcategories. Easy right? Kinda-it will be hard if this is not what you are accustomed to doing. But you have to keep your goals in mind, how will you feel afterward if you make an unhealthy choice? What about if you make a healthy one? You can do it! You CAN!

Happy fitness!

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